Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bad Effect of Smoking

Cigarettes, maybe for some people is something that is fun, mandatory, there are even some people can not live without smoking. That's what most people say to something that is actually very harmful things to us. Cigarettes, it makes us more alive, when we face the problem, others say that cigarettes can calm our minds when we are many problems.
There are some positive aspects but the negative impact more than the bright :

  1. In this there are thousands and thousands of cigarette toxins, 400 of them very dangerous which only takes 10 seconds to reach our brains and make us addicted.In addition to toxins contained in cigarette smoke can also cause decreased brain concentrations, affect the power of mind and also our memory. One of the most feared by health experts the world.
  2. From economic factors, smoking is also very harmful, which will only suck money in our wallets. Just imagine, if we spend one day in one pack of cigarettes only, let's just say the price per pack USD 1 you can calculate yourself how much money you spend on buying cigarettes only. And people who are addicted to cigarettes, may not only be spending one pack a day

Honest Before Blood Drive!

Blood donation is a noble act that helped save the lives of others. But that does not mean everyone can do it, because there are some questions to be answered before a person donates blood.

Donated blood for other people should be free from contagious diseases, infections or any abnormalities in the blood. Because it required examination (screening) of blood will be donated to others.
dr Tadjoedin Hilman, SpPD, KHOM in discussions "safe blood transfusion and rational" in Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Jakarta, Thursday (6/10/2010) said there are several questions that must be answered honestly before berdonor blood, namely:

1.  Do you ever have the test or examination to HIV / AIDS or hepatitis?
2.  Do you ever inject or injected drugs without a prescription (drugs), either once or several times?
3.  If male, have made oral or anal sex with someone other than their partner, and whether using the tool experience (condoms) or not?