Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dental Health Depends On Eating Patterns

Dental functions not only to chew food as a first step before entering the stage of the digestive tract, but also functions as a beauty. For that, a poor diet will affect the health of teeth because teeth can be easily attacked by germs.

Dental plaque is formed from the saliva and leftover food that contains karbonhidrat and easily attached to such bread and chocolate. Care Specialist Dentist dentistry at an institution RE Martadinata Navy, Dr. Darmayanti dental plaque explains that the teeth should always be cleaned for example by cleaning your teeth regularly.

Monday, July 26, 2010


As a cheap source of protein, eggs are believed to have many health benefits because of high nutrient content. What are the properties of egg?


Our bodies need protein to repair the function of organs, and eggs contain nine essential substances and amino acids that works to increase the protein content in the body.


Biochemical nutritionist, Elizabeth Johnson, PhD, of Tufts University found that the eggs have more sources of antioxidants that are good for the eyes, namely carotenoids. Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids that type of compounds essential for vision in which only they can bring value to the macula, a small area on the retina that is responsible for the sharpness of the eye.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Nighttime is the best time to sleep. This is not a matter of habit that people who work at day and sleep at night, but daytime looks that is more suitable for work and used to sleep at night. Implementation in outside the rule will cause a greater burden and produce unhealthy conditions

Sleep affects the body's metabolism and stimulates the power of assimilation, which is why if you sleep for long in fact not healthy, because our bodies absorb / assimilate waste and vapors dirty again, so if we sleep over time so consequently we are not to be fresh, but rather sluggish.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 Benefits of Cow's Milk

May be said that almost 90% of the public agrees with cow's milk for health benefits. Maybe some of them never really learn the benefits of cow's milk, but at least they learn from the experiences of parents, colleagues and family. Research shows that the content contained in cow's milk is very beneficial for human health. 

The content contained in cow's milk include calories, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, protein, vitamins and various amino acids that are needed by the body. The full content of the milk cow, of course, makes the benefits of cow's milk can increasingly be felt by those who consume it regularly every day. In fact, people likened the dairy cow as white blood for our health because of the benefits of cow's milk is so great for humans.

Here are 10 benefits of cow's milk would you feel if you at least drink a glass of milk each day:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bath Will Make You Fresh and Healthy

According to a recent study found not only a good bath to cleanse your body of impurities and avoid stress, but the bath also has an important role to improve the immune system, helping to avoid skin diseases like eczema and even cure serious medical problems

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed patients with diabetes who spent only a half hour soak in a tub of warm water can lower blood sugar levels around 13 percent.

Separate study in Japan showed 10-minute soak in warm water can improve the heart health of both men and women, helping them lead a better exercise test and reduce pain.

What are the benefits of a bath and how long you should take a bath? Here are some pointers shower fun and healthy:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

6 Benefits of The Papaya For The Human Body

Papaya proved to have a myriad of benefits to your body. Do not misunderstand me taste bitterness behind it save the virtue of so many. And what are they? We know that papaya is also good for the body, but also leaves should not be underestimated.
 Here are some of the benefits of papaya that you shall know:
1.       As  an acne medicine
For those who do not feel confident you have facial acne, especially for women who always pays attention to beauty. Papaya leaves can cure that is by making him a mask.
How to create a mask: take 2-3 sheets of old papaya. Then dry in the sun and mashed until smooth. Add one half teaspoon of water, just deh may be beneficial for full face jerawatmu
2.       Streamlining Benefits digestion
The leaves of the papaya plants contain chemical compounds karpain. Substances that can kill microorganisms that often interfere with the digestive function.
3.       Adding appetite
These benefits are especially for children who are difficult to eat. Take a fresh papaya and has the size of the palm of the hand. If you have found add a little salt and half cup warm water. Mix and blend all. Then strain the water, well water that can be utilized to enhance appetite

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vitamin E deficiency signs

According to the book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vitamins and Minerals, vitamin E deficiency in the long term can cause nerve damage, especially in the spinal nerve. Sometimes it also occurs in the retina of the eye damage .

Vitamin E deficiency should be rare. That's because of the daily food intake of almost all people get 7-11 mg of vitamin E. Even so, it turns out in the U.S. who eat plenty of famous and wealthy, carrying a mild vitamin E deficiency

Apart from daily food intake, vitamin E deficiency can also be caused by medical conditions such as:

1. Suffering from cystic fibrosis
Cause, people with this disease can not digest fat well, so it can not absorb enough vitamin E

2. Suffer from Chron's disease
Patients with this disease can not absorb enough vitamin E through the intestines

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Dengue fever is transmitted by the aedes aegypti mosquito is caused by a virus. And, a disease caused by viruses that normally would heal by itself, after the critical period passed.

However, to treat a disease that can lead to death is certainly not able to carelessly. Appropriate care is required in order to recover, although dengue fever can indeed be cured with natural ingredients herbal aliases. Therefore, before we treat it first must know the mechanism of this disease.

Because the immune system is also under attack, this antibody system also needs to be remedied. This can be done using natural materials or juice. "If only the juice is good, okay. But if not, can use natural materials more specific. What is more important than it is to anticipate the occurrence of bleeding, " a naturopathic doctor said.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


For those of you who have experienced dental pain would be cured if you are re-recurrence of disease. This pain is not like other pains, and was tortured.

Toothache pain is identical with the endless, accompanied by a sense of dizziness and pain in the whole body. When a tooth is painful, let alone to work, was difficult to chew food. Hence, toothache not be underestimated.

Toothache is caused cavities or dental caries. If the tooth has a hole to reach the deepest layers of dental nerves, get ready just feel sore and painful attacks around the teeth.

How to cope with pulling teeth to cavities. Once revoked, guaranteed dental pain will disappear. But, you'll toothless because it had lost a tooth. This certainly will reduce the beauty of your mouth.

In order not to lose teeth, you can choose another way, by patching the hole in the tooth. valuable asset is the teeth in the mouth. And no amount of holes, the dentist must choose the patch rather than pulled, "said Tri Erri Astoeti, dental health experts from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Trisakti.