Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Benefits of Wild Morse Milk

We often hear in the media ads that offer wild horse milk, but often ask how the hell it was, what could be wild horse drawn milk? The answer, of course, horse milk can be squeezed anything so wild. It was also not inferior to milk from other animals.

Prof. DR. Made Astawan, food technologists and nutrition from IPB ( Institute Pertanian Bogor ) mention, that the wild horse milk nutrient is not inferior to cow's milk nutrients. Popular in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, wild horses were also bred in Sukabumi, West Java - Indonesia. Even very popular in Southern France. Milk is also processed into cheese.

Milk protein content of horse milk Quality Approach

Content of protein content in milk and horse higher quality than cow's milk as an additional alternative to breast milk (breast milk) for infants and growing brains for intelligence.

"Unlike the horse milk, cow's milk also contains high levels of protein and it is not good for babies," said Ida Eva Roman, chairman of the student research group, Padjadjaran University Faculty of Pharmacy (Unpad) Bandung on the sidelines of Student Creativity Exhibition on campus Unpad Road Dipati Ukur Bandung.

Chain protein in Sumbawa horse milk shorter compared with those of cow's milk is easily digested so babies. In general, the protein content of cow's milk at 17.35 percent and 17.52 percent of horse milk.

Rano Kurnia, a member of the student research groups in the study entitled "Analysis of protein content in the Sumbawa horse milk as an alternative Milk Infant Formula" reveals how to manufacture powdered milk horse.

First, the protein content tests performed, followed by drying to be powdered. Content of infant formula packaging on the market does not show the complete materials of manufacture.

"At least there are 150 substances, but may be a company secret," he said. Therefore, Rano and her team made a simple formula with a material that refers to the batch of milk packaging. The research team hopes the study that began in late April will be completed in mid-June 2009.

Horse milk, Suitable For Baby

High levels of fat to make milk the horse was tasty and creamy. Yellowish-white color and are usually sold as fresh or processed. Wild horse milk contains proteins with low molecular weight so easily digested. Because the nutritional composition of breast milk approach (ASI), fits babies consumed.

Just like cow's milk, horse milk is also a source of fat, vitamins, minerals. Short-chain fatty acids contained in a horse's milk are easily absorbed body. According to FAO, in addition to the close nutritious milk, milk for infants because lower casein levels than cow's milk. High content of casein according Made, makes milk easier to clot in the baby's stomach so it is more difficult to digest.

Although Bacillus coagulants contain potentially causing milk clotting experience and Citrobacter freundii bacteria and yeast Saccharomyces sp, Aspergillums sp. And Mucor sp according to research conducted "Handayani Sus" Faculty of Pharmacy University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta, real wild horse milk contains natural antibacterial components that make milk be preserved.


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